Impacting oral health of Oklahoma children and their families through collaboration, coordination and education.

about us


The Coalition's mission is to impact the oral health of Oklahoma's children and their families by facilitating collaboration, coordination and education.

There are two ways we work to accomplish our mission:

  • Our quarterly meetings and website provide Coalition members (nonprofits, agencies and individuals with an interest in children's oral health) with opportunities to coordinate their efforts and maximize their outcomes.
  • Our website provides the general public with reliable, accessible dental health information as well as resources for obtaining dental care and education.


The Coalition is managed by a volunteer executive committee with administrative support from the staff of the Oklahoma Dental Foundation and website support from the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation.

how to join

Click here for information on how to become a member of the Oklahoma Oral Health Coalition.


Click here to download the organization bylaws.


The Oklahoma Oral Health Coalition website offers resources and information for parents, caregivers, patients with special needs, teachers and dental professionals.

“By the third grade, almost 60% of Oklahoma’s children have experienced the pain of tooth decay,” said Patricia Christensen, 2015 Coalition Chair. “Dental disease is so common that many people consider it unavoidable. But experts agree that it’s almost entirely preventable. We’re working to empower Oklahomans with the information they need in order to avoid the pain and cost of dental disease.”

The site is made possible by funding and technical support from the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation. Terrisa Singleton is director of the Foundation and immediate past chair of the Coalition. “Dental health education and access to resources are crucial to improving children’s oral health,” Singleton said. “Our Foundation is very proud to partner with the Coalition to provide this valuable website resource to Oklahomans.”

The Coalition consists of nonprofits, state agencies and others who are concerned with the oral health of Oklahomans. This collaboration allows for the coordination of various programs and initiatives in order to maximize their impact and results.