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Kids ask that single-word question a lot because they're so interested in the world around them. When they come to understand the "why" behind something, it excites them. These great websites help kids take charge of their dental health by teaching them the "why" behind brushing, flossing, dentist visits, making healthy food and drink choices and much more.


Captain Supertooth
Has Captain Supertooth visited your school? Now you can take Captain Supertooth home with you by visiting!
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Mouth Healthy Kids
Meet Dudley the Dinosaur, watch videos, play games, take quizzes and more at this fun site!
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My SmileKids
Learn about dental health the fun way, with stories, games and tips!
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Smile Squad
Help these defenders of dental health defeat the tooth troublers in this fun, interactive game!
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Colgate Kids
A variety of dental health games and activities for kids ages 2 through 9.
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